Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

I was sitting here thinking about Valentine's Day, when I realised that I hadn't actually shown you any pictures of what Matty and I did to celebrate Valentine's Day this year!

Luckily, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on the Saturday instead of the Sunday this year (I was in labour for most of Valentine's Day).

Anyway this year I decided that since I wasn't working (and hence we have a need to save money), that I would try to make Valentine's Day special for Matty without spending much money.

So, I firstly headed over to the How About Orange blog and followed the tutorial to make a paper heart garland. Here is a picture of how it turned out:

Next I pulled out my Alice in Wonderland Table cloth and set the table:

Finally, I made Matty a breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes in the shape of love hearts. Awwww, corny but so cute!:

We had a great time at our breakfast, talking about life in general and what things would be like after our baby was born (little did we know that we'd be meeting him within the next 48 hours) and just generally enjoying each others company.

Even though they were all simple things, Matty really appreciated the effort I went to. Sometimes it isn't the value of the gift that is important, but the thought that goes into it!

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  1. So sweet, I hope you always feel this way about each other.


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