Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 Weeks Old

It is hard to believe that this time two weeks ago I was in labour. My world has turned upside down since the birth of our son and I simply can't believe how absolutely delightful he is... or the fact that I am actually, finally a mum!

Here is a picture taken this morning:

This week has been a fairly steep learning curve, during which I learned that:

So called 'professionals' aren't always right - We had a home visit from the midwife on Wednesday this week and she growled at us for using a dummy and for allowing Matty to feed expressed milk from a bottle for one feed of a night time. She believes that it causes 'nipple confusion' and that it would be the reason why the baby feeds fine some times and not other times.

After she left, Matty and I discussed what she'd said and decided that I would do two days worth of feeds myself from the breast and see whether there was any difference. We also decided to limit the dummy use too, again to see if there was any change in his feeding.

I am pleased to report that there was NO change in his feeding. Sometimes he feeds like a dream, other time he just stuffs around a bit before he settles into a rhythm. So, I guess the moral of this story is that while we need to try new things, ultimately we need to do what works best for us as a family!

There is no such thing as breastfeeding 'friendly' clothes - The tops and bra's with the breastfeeding clips are, to say the least, down-right frustrating! I am not sure whether the fact I have tendinitis plays a part or not, but I am simply unable to un-clip or re-clip these things with a single hand. That means I have to put the baby down to un-clip them when I need to change sides during feeding *sigh*. This leads me to my next point.

I am a lot more confident in my body -
After getting frustrated with the breastfeeding bra clips, I decided that I just wouldn't wear a bra at all for a lot of the feeds lol. If you had have told me a couple of weeks ago that I'd be sitting half naked in the nursery feeding our baby I would have laughed given how modest I am!

Sure, I have a little bit of baby weight to get rid of, but overall I am pretty pleased with how I look. It is a nice feeling to actually feel confident in my body rather than worrying that I need to lose weight or work out more. I hope this new-found confidence lasts!

It is important to laugh - Twice this week I have had poo on me, as our son has a 'knack' for projectile pooing at exactly the right time. Yesterday's projectile poo landed right on the leg of my jeans, half an hour into our neice's birthday party! Matty has been pooed on too. So has our couch, our couch cushion and our carpet. Matty's parents bed wasn't spared either!

A while ago Matty and I decided that we were going to try not to stress out as parents. When your kid poo's like ours does, there is only one thing you can do - laugh about it.

This coming week we are going to be attending a baby settling class, so I will be sure to tell you all how that goes at next weeks update. Until then, we're just going to be enjoying our little boy!

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  1. Oh the joys !! Lol.
    When my son was born(27years ago) I was inundated with 'helpful advice' all of which I listened too,and was grateful for...however,every babe is different,and mum knows best!go with what works for you,and you will never go wrong :0)
    Just enjoy the sweet boy..they grow up way too fast.


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