Thursday, February 4, 2010

A most delightful surprise!

Imagine my surprise when I went to water my vegetable seeds this morning and found that some had sprouted!

So far the iceberg lettuce, snow peas and beetroot have began to come up. I am so excited!

You may remember that my original plan had been to keep the seeds in the shed and bring them out daily for some sunlight before putting them away again at night. Well, unfortunately that plan didn't work so well.

For starters, it was getting close to 10am before I remembered I even needed to bring them out of the shed each day. On top of that, the harsh weather we have been having lately meant they were drying out very fast when sitting in the sun. Because of this, I decided to bring them inside and just leave them under the window in an unused part of the house. Three days later, I have sprouts!

As a person who really does not have a 'green thumb', the fact that my seeds are sprouting at all is a monumental achievement and enough to deem this project a success lol! I can't wait to see if any of the others sprout over the coming week.

Best get Matty onto filling up our
vegetable planter boxes with suitable materials on the weekend!

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