Monday, February 8, 2010

Bibs and Burp Cloths

A couple of weeks back I was sitting in the nursery, looking around, when I realised that my bib stash was looking pretty poor indeed:

So there was only one thing to do - Make some more!

As the bibs in my stash were primarily newborn size, I drafted up a pattern for a bigger bib. Once our baby is here, I plan on putting some additional snaps onto the neck of all of the bibs so that they can be multi-sized. Once I have the snap placement correct, I will post the pattern for all of you lovely readers!

Since I am now on maternity leave (and therefore on a reduced income) I decided that I would just use scraps of fabric out of my stash rather than buy new fabric. Imaging my surprise when I found I also had enough fabric left over to make some matching burp cloths as well!

In total I made 15 new bibs and 6 burp cloths, so my stash looks a little more complete now:

Here are some close up pictures of the bibs with the coordinating burp cloths, all washed and ready for use (probably could have ironed them a bit better though!).

Of course there are some with owls:

A cute little unisex spot that has a coordinating stripe to go with it:

A zoo theme:

And some spotty ones as well:

All bibs and burp cloths are backed with a microfleece which I have unfortunately now run out of. Spotlight assure me they will be getting more in sometime soon but because it is a 'winter fabric' they don't stock it all year around - silly really!

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  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! Don't worry about them not being ironed well.. you'll most likely have to get used to that! I'm very impressed, can't wait for the tutorial.


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