Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teddy Bear Restoration - Part 2

I wonder where the days go. According to the date of my last post it was close to two weeks ago that I started the Teddy Bear restoration, but it only feels like a couple of days ago at the most.

I guess I have been spending a lot of time outside the house over the last couple of weeks, in an attempt to escape the continual crappy weather we have been having in our neck of the woods. It has been raining almost EVERY day and to be quite honest, it is very, VERY depressing!

Anyway, onto happier things - the Teddy Bear restoration is complete!

Last time you saw the bears, they needed to have their heads sewn on. So this morning, I did just that.

First I hand stitched a zig zag around the neck line using a doll's needle threaded with a three ply thread:

Then I stitched a complementary zig zag:

Basically this enabled me to pull the strings tight in the same fashion you would if you were doing up your shoe laces. Now the heads of the bears are on nice and securely.

Here is a picture of the bears before the restoration project began:

And here they are now... fresh as a daisy:

See how they're now more of a blue colour, than a dirty blue-brown lol!
They are also a LOT plumper than they were. Little Snicker is going to love these bears just like his daddy did.


  1. You are so awesome for fixing these little bears. I still have my childhood bear and he has many, many battle wounds. I was devestated when his neck came undone. Kind of funny now, but as a kid I was a wreck! :)

  2. Such a great job !!! they look so refreshed...

  3. Thanks ladies :) I was soooo nervous when giving the bears a scrub. It was a miracle they didn't just disintegrate in my hands! I hope Little Snicker loves them as much as his dad and that they may even live to be passed down again.


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