Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project #28 - Play Mat (Update #1 - Finished)

The play mat is finished AND Little Snicker seems to love it!

The robot has felt for his eyes and nose and a shiny dance costume lycra for his teeth. The lines for the teeth were made by sewing a very tight, wide zig zag stitch on my sewing machine:

His robot heart is made out of felt and has been stuffed with cellophane to make it noisy when Little Snicker leans on it!

His little robot hands are made out of corduroy which lift up. I have also stuffed then with a little bit of cellophane io make them noisy.

There are links held on by ribbon loops, which could be used to attach toys to the mat as well. Little Snicker just likes to hang on to them and shake them violently at this point:

And there is puffy material (I think you would see dressing gowns made out of this) with ribbon loops to pull at:

Here is a picture of the whole mat:

All up, it cost me around $15 to make. I may have been able to buy something for not too much more, but it was a really fun project and worth the cost.


  1. That is so cool Michelle!!! I love it! Something like that would be worth big bucks in a retail store!

  2. Did you make the pattern for this? I know you were looking at an etsy store (I think you may have set one up - I'm very far behind and currently catching up). I would look at selling this as a pattern - could easily put $15-20 USD on it. Even add in tips as to how you can make it on the cheap!

  3. I made a basic pattern as I was going along Jade, but haven't done anything with it. I wanted to make a mat to put into the Etsy store, so I might firm up the pattern while I'm doing that!

  4. Good idea - I figure things like patterns etc are things that you only have to put man hours into once in order to sell them an infinite amount of times. You make some wonderful things, have some great ideas, if you could sell those as patterns, then you could have some income coming in without having to keep working all the time.

    We all know that we can't charge for our total hours etc when we are making things, because that would blow the price out of the water!


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