Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shopping for Vintage Items

I often stumble across blog posts where people have been on these amazing "thrift shop" journeys, emerging with the most spectacular of treasures. I have never been that lucky. I search and search for cool stuff at good prices, but I always come up empty handed. So last weekend I decided to change my approach. Rather than going to places like Vinnies and the Salvo's, I decided to try more out of the way places like local church op shops and antique stores.

Here is what I ended up with:

Some vintage material and 'hem facing' for a total cost of $3:

Six silver plated spoons I plan to use in an upcoming craft project which incorporates my ephemera. I got them for a total cost of $5:

This very retro copy of the classic novel Heidi. I picked this one up for $2 :

And lastly, my favourite find. A bracelet from a shop called "Blonde Vintage" in Ballarat, which cost me a whopping $4:

Matty and I have decided to start going to garage sales on the weekends when the weather is fine, so goodness knows what we could find on our travels then!

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