Monday, June 21, 2010


I could spend hours looking at the ephemera people are selling on Kind of strange, I know, but it's kind of cool to think about the history behind these items.

I was thinking of purchasing this pack of 100 pieces of ephemera from Cheap Old Crap, when I realised I actually have my own collection of Ephemera right under my desk!

You see, back in 2001 I spent a year living and working in the UK. During this time I traveled to 16 different countries and kept EVERYTHING I came into contact with - Brochures, tickets, postcards etc.

Some of the cool stuff I came across while looking through my collection included:

A rail ticket for Paris:

A ticket for the cog rail journey up Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland:

An admission ticket to see the Footy Show when it was in London:

An entry ticket to the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam:

A ticket to Edinburgh's Hogmanay and a boarding card for the train journey between Edinburgh and Kings Cross Stations:

A post card and ticket for the Maid of the Mist and a ticket for the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory in Canada:

And an entry ticket to a Jays Vs Angels Baseball game:

And finally, a pile of patches from each of the countries I have visited. These were originally sewn onto my backpack but I pulled them off years ago as they started to fall off and I was worried about losing them:

My original plan was to put all of these tickets and things into a scrapbook, but honestly, I think they're too cool to hide away. So instead, I'm going to think of some projects to use them in so that they don't remain in a box under my desk for the next 10 or so years!

Stay tuned for updates on what I use this stuff for!

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