Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well I know that I said I would post every couple of days while I was taking two weeks off to restock the Etsy store, but every time I went to blog Little Snicker would look at me with his little eyes, pleading with me to take him for a walk or to read him a book... and who was I to say "no"!

I must say, that I am enjoying the break from blogging. If anyone ever tells you that blogging is easy and doesn't take much effort - don't believe them! It takes more effort than you can ever possibly imagine.

First you need to come up with something to blog about, take photos to support the blog and then actually blog about it. All up, I estimate it would take me between 30 minutes to 2 hours per post, depending on the complexity of the item I'm blogging about.

Anyway, rest assured that I am working away on stuff for the Etsy store when I can and will post again this week to show you what I've managed to get done (which I must admit is no where near as much as I had hoped!)

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  1. Glad for the update---enjoy the time with your little guy!


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