Friday, June 25, 2010

My Return to Work...

There hasn't been much crafting going on this week, because I've been preparing to return to work today.

"Return to Work?!?!" I hear you say. Yep that's right, I have indeed returned to the "Boehm Family's Funny Little Hat Store" that opened up right in my living room today:

The store stocks many different types of hats from your standard caps and beanies, through to hats for festive occasions. We also stock a range of more elaborate hats too:

Our first (and only) customer enjoyed browsing all of the hats on display from the comfort of a reclining chair:

but had to admit that he wasn't overly impressed with our range of sombrero's:

I talked him into trying on this delightful hat from the 'mum and son' range with me:

and since there was nothing else in the store that caught his eye, he decided he'd settle on that one. I couldn't help but feel though, that he was a little disappointed:

But still, he paid for his hats using the only currency allowed by the store....


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