Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Garage Sales

On the weekend we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and travel around to some garage sales in our area.

Unfortunately by the time we got home from Little Snicker's swimming lesson and he had a sleep it was after 11am, so most of the garage sales had either finished up or had next to nothing left.

The first few we went to were really lame, but then we found one that was selling all kinds of junk and I managed to pick up this awesome tin for a mere 50 cents!

His hat is the lid of the tin. I'm not sure what I'm going to store it in, but it is pretty nifty.

Anyway, we were just about done with the garage sales with only one left to go. When we got there they said that 1/4 of the stuff had already gone, but we might still find something good.

I managed to find a tin to store photographic slides in and on a whim I picked up a pillowcase as I had wanted to try making a pillowcase dress for quite some time. Little did I know, that simple action would lead to the mother-load of all bargains!

When I went to pay for my goods, the lady asked me if I was interested in fabric since I'd picked up a single pillowcase. After saying that I was, she informed me that she had some bags of fabric inside but hadn't bothered putting them out.
She came back with these two big bags:

Matty rolled his eyes, knowing that we could be there for quite a while as I sorted through them, so he asked how much they wanted for the two bags. When they said "Twenty Dollars" we snapped up their offer pretty quick, even though we had no idea what was really in them (and I think that was half of the thrill).

The bag on the left was full of various vintage style fabrics (ginghams, seer sucker and some crazy paisley prints):

and the other was filled with haberdashery items.... like good quality zippers, with the price tag of .20 cents still attached (this is about a quarter of the zippers in the bag):

There were metres and metres of different types of elastics:

and even a tin of crochet cotton, among so much other stuff!

Next week we are planning to hit a couple of garage sales BEFORE we go to Little Snicker's swimming lesson. Who knows what we'll come home with!

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