Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project #23 - Tilt scale photography

Every now and then I look at my unfinished project list and sometimes I actually find the inspiration to tackle one of the items on it.

Today, I thought I might have a go at creating a tilt scale photograph using a photo I took when Matty and I went on a holiday to New Zealand in 2008.

While we were in New Zealand we took close to 2500 photos (and we all know how boring holiday snaps are!). As more and more months went by, we found ourselves struggling to remember why we actually took half the photos we did. We had good intentions of getting the photos printed off but, well, we never seemed to get around to it.

So I thought I'd like to at least print off and display my favourite photo from that trip: A picture of a cable car in Wellington:

I'm not really sure why I like it so much. Perhaps a combination of the colours in the photo and the fact that took us to a scenic lookout with panoramic views of the city below.

Lets face it though - it's not the most imaginative, awe inspiring shot. It is, indeed, just another holiday snap.

So a while back I trawled the net looking for some photoshop tutorials that would enable me to spice it up a tad and make it just a little more interesting. During my travels I came across this tutorial on Tilt Scale (or Tilt Shift) Photography and today I gave it a whirl.

After about 10 minutes of playing around (mainly trying to work out photoshop) I was done and the end result was the image below:

See how it now looks like a cable car that you would expect to see if you were visiting a miniature world! Kind of cool really.

Now it's just a question of whether l actually ever get around to printing this new, improved version of the photo off!

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