Friday, September 25, 2009

20 Week Mark!

Today marks the halfway point until Matty and I get to meet our baby - yay! Here is a picture of my 20 week belly shot:

It constantly amazes me that people think they have a right to comment on your 'bump'. Earlier this week I had someone ask if had an ultrasound coming up to check that the baby was growing as it should be, given that I'm so small. I kind of just brushed that one off, but when I advised another person that Matty and I were having a baby next year and they asked when we were going to start trying, I started getting a little paranoid about my size. Luckily I had an ultrasound at 19 weeks, so I know that everything is fine. I've decided that I'm not small at all - just 'compact'!

Here is a picture of our baby's little tiny feet:

Too cute for words!

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  1. There is a weird sort of irony is worrying about being told you're not fat enough, usually it's the other way around isn't it ????


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