Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter (and a quick Easter Present tutorial)

Just a quick post today to wish you all a:

and to show you a nice and easy Easter present idea:

To make, simply cover up the label of an empty egg carton with Easter themed scrapbooking paper:

Print off a "Happy Easter" label (like in the first picture) on your computer and adhere it to the top of the carton (mine would have been a bit fancier if most of my crafting stuff wasn't all packed up ready to move house next month):

Cut some tissue paper into short strips, separate and scrunch:

Pop that inside the egg carton:

Fill the egg carton up with creme/caramel/praline filled eggs (or a mixture of all three):

Make up a little gift tag:

Use bakers twine to tie the egg carton closed and to thread your gift tag on to and ta-da... all done!

Now I just need to keep them hidden from Matty until Sunday!

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