Friday, December 24, 2010

Tutorial : Biscuit Station

Gosh the days have been flying on by and I have only just finished everything I need to do in time for Christmas!

I had great plans of popping in here with some last minute gift ideas, however those plans were foiled when the present I chose to make my sister took twice as long as I had hoped (isn't that always the way!)

While I can't show you a lot of the things I have been making this week, I can show you this tutorial on how to make a biscuit station for your Christmas guests! You could use this at any time during the year though, if you chose a non-specific paper for your lids.

Anyway, what is a biscuit station? Well, it's a fancy term used to describe a set of glass jars with screw lids that you fill up with biscuits for your Christmas guests. That way, if the guests get hungry, they can just help themselves.

You Will Need:
Some suitable glass jars with a screw top lid. (I picked mine up for $3 each at the local reject type store)
Door knobs, for the top of the jars
Scrapbooking paper (for the lids of the jar)
Mod Podge
Spray paint
Cardstock that matches the colour of the spraypaint (for the labels)


Take your glass jars and remove the lids:

Drill a hole in the centre of each of the lids that is big enough to fit the screw for your door knob:

Spraypaint the lids. I painted my lids 'coffee cream', however the weather was so terrible on the day that I did it, they don't look anything like that colour. You will need to spray them with 4 coats to make sure they are adequately covered:

Next, cut a circle of Christmas paper, slightly smaller than the top of the lid and use mod podge to stick it in place. Once dry, mod podge over the top to seal it (I have no idea why this photo keeps uploading sideways!):

Screw your door knobs to your lids. You might need some 'manly' help for this one to ensure that they are on tight enough. If they are not on tight enough, they will come undone when someone tries to open the jar:

Next, take your cardstock and make some labels for the front of your jars. Adhere them to the front of the corresponding jar and then fill the jars with some biscuit-y goodness!

Oh noes....someone stole the Pfeffernusse!
Kidding... we just hadn't gotten any yet!


  1. Bet they taste yummy! Aunty T.

  2. This is so cute. I laughed out loud at the pfeffernusse comment! Merry Christmas.

  3. This looks awesome! I almost think I could do it myself!!

  4. wow! it's a very very very nice idea!




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